Voices from Africa

RethinkHIV has invited people from sub-Saharan Africa to share their perspective with an international audience. We ask them to provide their honest opinion on what they believe will have the biggest impact on their lives or the situation in their country.


SimonSimon's perspective

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania - My name is Simon and I am a journalist and the executive chairperson of Journalists Against Aids in Tanzania (AJAAT).

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Georgina's perspective

Mlolongo, Kenya- My name is Georgina.I use condoms with my clients. Every single time. I have three children.

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John Mwila

John's perspective

Lusaka, Zambia - My name is John and I am 54. The mother of my children left me and went away when I found out that I was HIV positive. Now I have a new wife, Violet. She is also HIV positive.

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Esther's perspective

Kawangware, Kenya - My name is Esther and I am 38. I found out I was positive in 2004. I think a change in the stigma would help people living with HIV/AIDS.

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Jane's perspective

Jane's perspective

Nakuru, Kenya - My name is Jane and I work as a VCT (voluntary counseling and testing) counselor and HIV data manager for Nakuru District. I am also a nurse. Here one big thing causing change is the mobile outreaches.

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Martha Moraa's storyMartha's perspective

Ngong, Kenya - My name is Martha. I am the House Mama at Faraja Orphanage. Faraja supports 35 children. The most recent child is Joy. She's nine. Joy was living on the streets. She was rescued by a lady in Kibera. She has HIV.

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Ann's perspective 

Kikopey, Kenya - My name is Ann and I am 36 years old. I don’t think that people who are HIV positive here at the Vumilia Internally Displaced Persons Camp are getting enough help. 

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Rehema's Perspective

Rehema's perspective

Mungushi, Tanzania - My name is Rehema and I am 28 years old. I am unemployed so I have no income. I depend on friends and others who help people like me.

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Read Mohammed's perspective

Mohammed's perspective

Mlolongo, Kenya - My name is Mohammed. I don’t know my status. I haven’t been tested for HIV lately; my last test was two years ago.

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