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Three new research papers looking at treatment have been commissioned for this project.

Each Assessment Paper outlines the costs and benefits of at least three of the most promising responses, interventions, or investments to HIV/AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa within the respective category.

The Assessment Paper on the topic of Treatment is authored by Mead Over, Senior Fellow at theCenter for Global Development and Geoffrey Garnett, Professor of Microparasite Epidemiology at the Imperial College London.


Another Perspective by John Stover

Each Perspective Paper reviews the assumptions and analyses made within the Assessment Paper. In this way, a range of informed perspectives are provided on the topic. A Perspective Paper has been written by John Stover, President at the Futures Institute.


Another Perspective by Robert J. Brent

A Perspective Paper has been written by Robert J. BrentProfessor of Economics, Fordham University. Both Perspective Papers will be released at the same time as the Assessment Paper.


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